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Meet our founders.

"This brand is built with love for my earth angels, Elijah and Ruthie, and my guardian angel Seraphina who lives in heaven and has guided me here. May their forever imprint on my heart help you."

Caryn Johnson, co-founder

"Because time is precious and life goes by so fast. Inspired by my personal lifestyle, BOND was created to give you that time and health you deserve. Let’s build a bond together and welcome new bonds when the time is right."

Mar, co-founder

Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Sugar Free
Methylated Vitamin
Third Party Tested
Women Founded
Researched Backed


We live in an ever-changing, wonderfully connected world.
No matter how far we venture from home, or what we decide to do with our lives, it’s our bonds that keep us tethered, unbreakable, honest... human.
Bonds are what we all have.